Starting with Bedrock

In this tutorial, we will install Bedrock and deploy a simple (empty) Bedrock-based service.

Installing Bedrock

Bedrock can be installed with Spack using the following command.

spack install mochi-bedrock

Starting a Bedrock process

Once installed a Bedrock process can be started as follows.

bedrock <protocol>

Where <protocol> is the protocol to use, for instance na+sm. This command starts an “empty” Bedrock process, in the sense that we haven’t asked it to start any component apart from a Margo instance using the specified protocol. Hence the only thing we can do for now is query for its internal configuration, or shut it down.

This command can take additional parameters.

  • -c/--config <config.json>: specifies the JSON configuration file.

  • -v/--verbose <level>: logging level (trace, debug, info, warning, error, critical, or off).

  • --stdin: pass the JSON configuration via stdin instead of -c/--config.

The next section will disect the content of a JSON configuration file.